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Scarring Patient

"I started seeing Dr. Polansky in 2000 I believe and they call it I believe Keloid scarring which grows out of its boundart instead of like you know some peoples scars are white and this is like pink and very thick and very tender to touch. Then in the arch of my foot, it is really hard to get it under control because all of its weight and stuff, but Dr. Polansky would inject it. Dr. Polansky would wrap it in a wet cast for three solid years every week and he gave me medication, orthotics, I have braces to put pressure on it to try to shrink it within my skin and I had stepped on a piece of glass when I was sixteen and then I reinjured it in ’94 and I just didn’t want no more surgery because I had already had eight and it just gets bigger and bigger. He had come up with this treatment, Dr. Polansky came up with this treatment to try to shrink it without surgery, which he’s done."

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